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Research Proposal Funding

The mission of the ISBM is to:

  • help advance the theory and practice of business marketing, and to

  • disseminate key research findings within both the academic and practice communities.

To support these goals, we have developed a Research Proposal Support Funding Policy. The ISBM does not provide unrestricted grants, but does provide expense reimbursements. Those expenses can include direct research assistant costs, travel to do or present findings of research, data collection costs, and the like. The ISBM generally does not provide faculty salary supplements. Grants in the $3,000 to $10,000 range are most common.

Submitting A Research Proposal

Researchers should contact the ISBM before preparing a proposal for submission. Our Research Director can provide information about the availability of funds and if the topic falls within the ISBM research guidelines.

Initial proposals should be brief. In fact, most should be submitted as "preliminary proposals" first. Preliminary proposals should be attachments of one to three pages in length, double-spaced. Include with the proposal the vitae of all of the researchers on the project.

Each proposal should address the following topics:

  1. Discuss the importance of your research to the business marketing practice. What short- or long-term contributions to practice will your research make?

  2. Discuss the theoretical/academic importance of your research and what is your likely contribution. What is your theory, your model, your set of propositions, and how do they relate to previously published work?

  3. Discuss your research methodology. What is your survey procedure, your sample selection, your analysis, your experimental design, your validation, etc.?

  4. Indicate your need for ISBM support. Please be specific here, separating your direct financial needs from your need for access to ISBM-related firms and/or data. Provide a budget for your requested support.

Following receipt of the above we will do one of the following:

  1. Award a grant directly,

  2. Work with you (through the research director or program director) to more finely tune your proposal to the mission of the ISBM (click to see ISBM's research priorities), or

  3. Indicate that the research is not fundable by the ISBM.

Submission Guidelines

    • The expectation is that most principal investigators will be full-time faculty. The ISBM accepts proposals at any time during the year from faculty members.
    • PhD students may apply for funding through the annual ISBM Business Marketing Doctoral Support Award Competition, which has an entry deadline of September 15 each year.
    • If funding is approved, the researcher will be notified of the amount of funds the ISBM will provide.  All researchers on the project will need to enter into an agreement with The Pennsylvania State University (ISBM) to receive funding.
    • The Research Grant Agreement specifies:
      • The dates of project commencement, the interim report, and the final working paper
      • The amount of funding to be provided at each of the three stages
      • The acknowledgment required on publications from the research
      • Procedures for amendment or termination
      • Applicable rules relating to the research
      • Requirements for the working paper and final payment


Additional Information

For more information, please contact the ISBM Research Directors:

Dr. Gary L. Lilien (
Research Director
Distinguished Research Professor of Management Science

Dr. Hari Sridhar (
Associate Research Director
Associate Professor of Marketing

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