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Research Mission and Overview

The mission of the Institute is to play a leadership role in advancing the theory and practice of business-to-business (industrial) marketing, and to advance business marketing as a specialized field within the broader marketing discipline.

To this end, the Institute supports publishable academic research by providing:
•    expense funding
•    access to cooperating firms (as research partners/sites)

The Institute favors research that can either be directly applied to business marketing strategies and practices, or that can lead to a better understanding of key business-to-business marketing phenomena.

The Institute is currently focused on three main domains that have emerged from the B2B Agenda:

  1. The B2B Marketing-Innovation Link,
  2. B2B Buying Behavior and
  3. B2B Analytics.

The Institute also supports the development of pedagogic material that can directly improve the teaching and practice of business-to-business marketing.

In addition the Institute sponsors a biennial academic conference, a biennial PhD camp, periodic special interest workshops, a series of PhD seminars (IPSS—ISBM PhD Seminar Series) available to B2B PhD students globally, and publishes a Research Newsletter three times a year.

To access the full range of material available to academics on the website, please login, using your academic username and password. If you are an academic and do not have a username and password, please register here.

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