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ISBM PhD Seminar Series (IPSS)


The objective of the ISBM PhD Seminar Series (IPSS) is to provide a range of short, PhD level seminars in Business-to-Business (B2B) Marketing. These seminars, delivered electronically by some of the world's leading scholars, provide access to leading developments and methods necessary to doctoral students worldwide who are considering research careers in B2B Marketing.

IPSS offers electronic participation in substantive and methodological courses essential for PhD students with research interests in business markets. Substantive topics include theory development in business markets, sales management, marketing channel management, and new product development and marketing, among others. Methodological topics include qualitative research methods, social network analysis, and structural equation modeling, among others. Courses are repeated in a 2 - 3 year cycle.

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Course Offerings for Spring 2017


Gerard J. Tellis, Director of Center for Global Innovation, Neely Chair of American Enterprise, and Professor of Marketing, Management & Organization, University of Southern California

Innovation—the use of new technology to create new business models, products, and services—is a powerful force in world economies. Innovation is responsible for the steady improvement in consumers’ standard of living throughout history. Researchers need to understand the causes, dynamics, and impact of innovation in order to advise mangers and policy makers how to harness this powerful force in today’s highly competitive markets.

This seminar will give students an appreciation of the issues, competing viewpoints, research methods, major findings, and unresolved problems in the are of innovation strategy.

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Social Networks in Business to Business Marketing

Stefan Wuyts, Professor of Marketing, Koc University

This IPSS seminar introduces doctoral students into the fascinating world of social networks. As humans, social beings, and consumers, we are emerged in social networks and experience its consequences on a daily basis. Similarly, firms and inter-firm exchange are embedded in social networks—an important layer of business markets and key focus of this seminar.

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