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Learning in Coopetitive Relationships - Abstract


Shankar Ganesan (, University of Arizona
Hillbun (Dixon) Ho (, Monash University


To survive and prosper in today’s intense competitive environment, firms may find it necessary to collaborate with their competitors. In recent times, such collaborations between competitors (e.g., suppliers serving the same market segment) have become a popular vehicle for acquiring and leveraging technological capabilities and tacit know-how (Child, Faulkner, and Tallman 2005). However, such collaborations pose thorny challenges related to the protection of proprietary knowledge, since intensive collaboration often exposes a supplier firm to the risk of unintended knowledge leakage to its partner (Hamel 1991). Although a few studies have examined the nature of horizontal relationships (see Rindfleisch and Moorman 2001; Luo, Rindfleisch, and Tse 2008), the paucity of research addressing the dilemma inherent in knowledge sharing within such collaborative partnerships is quite conspicuous. Therefore, examining the drivers and barriers for sharing critical information and knowledge among competitors in a collaboration is an important area of inquiry in marketing.

In this book chapter, we will review not only the key issues faced by collaborators who are also competitors but will also provide possible solutions (e.g., various control mechanisms) to address the challenges in such relationships.

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