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Key Questions on Innovation in the B2B Context - Abstract


Gerard J. Tellis (, University of Southern California
Rajesh K. Chandy (, Cambridge University
Jaideep C. Prabhu (, London Business School


This chapter presents insights from research and practice on innovation and entrepreneurship across international contexts, with a particular emphasis on B2B issues. Innovation involves the creation and commercialization of new products, processes, and business models. Entrepreneurship involves the creation and management of new businesses. Although reviews of innovation and entrepreneurship exist in the literature, few examine the international dimensions of these topics. And yet innovation and entrepreneurship are both increasingly international in scope.

We review the literature in marketing, management, economics, sociology, and other related topics, and we will seek to develop a framework to organize research and thinking on innovation and entrepreneurship across nations. A tentative list of topics to be examined includes sources and consequences of innovation and entrepreneurship across international contexts, innovation in multinational firms, differences in innovation and entrepreneurship in developed vs. emerging markets, internal vs. externally generated (alliance or acquisition based) innovation, and the impact of innovation on entrepreneurship outcomes.

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