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Coordinating Marketing and Sales in B2B Organizations - Abstract


Frank V. Cespedes (, Harvard Business School


This chapter focuses on the topic of aligning marketing and sales activities in Business-to-Business organizations. It first provides a brief historical overview of the topic, indicating that this is not a new issue facing firms, that trade journals have long outlined a recurring set of prescriptive advice about the topic to practitioners, and why (despite its recurring nature) this advice seems to have limited usefulness. The chapter then reviews representative academic research on the topic over the past 15 years, as well as a sample of what some B2B companies are currently doing to improve coordination between their marketing and sales functions. Finally, the chapter concludes with suggestions about areas of future research.

The Handbook of Business-to-Business Marketing

This chapter is part of the ISBM Handbook of Business-to-Business Marketing, edited by Professors Gary Lilien and Raj Grewal. The Handbook of Business-to-Business Marketing is available from Edward Elgar Publishing and other online book retailers.

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