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Academic Conference 2016 Session Abstracts

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Wednesday, August 3:

WC1 (SS1) – Making Sense of the "Problem of Plenty":  Understanding the Individual and Joint Effects of Multiple Marketing Levers Over Time (Session Chair, Kersi Antia)

WC1.1 The Impact of Marketing Alliance Portfolios on Stock Return Risk (Tuba Yilmaz and Stefan Wuyts)

WC1.2 Governing Channel Relationships through Selective Entry and Costly Exit (Kenneth H. Wathne, Jan B. Heide, Erik A. Mooi, and Alok Kumar)

WC1.3 Platform Service Offering to Business Customers:  Strategic Considerations in Engendering Seller Use of Marketing Tools on E-commerce Platforms (Botao Yang, Sha Yang, and Santanu Dutta)

WC1.4 The Impact of Buyer-Supplier Interactions on Firms’ Bankruptcy Recovery Efforts (Vivek Astvansh, Sudha Mani, and Kersi D. Antia)

WC2 (SS2) - The Internet of Things and Its Impact on Industrial Markets Growth (Chair, Wesley J. Johnston) Abstract not available.

WC3 (GN-01) – Interfirm Relationships 1 (Chair, Michael Kleinaltenkamp)

WC3.1 The Effect of Employee Engagement on the Effectiveness of Business-Nonprofit Alliances:  A Qualitative Analysis (Hamid Abbassi)

WC3.2 How to Move Services from Free to Fee Without Jeopardizing the Customer Relationship:  The Role of Pricing Schemes, Service Level, and Communication Strategies (Marcella Grohmann, Marcus Zimmer, Florian von Wangenheim, and Wolfgang Ulaga)

WC3.3 The Role of Fairness in Contract Negotiation and Contract Implementation and its Influence on Business-to-Business Relationships (Tobias Grossmann and Michael Kleinaltenkamp)

WC4 (GN-08) – Channels 1 (Session Chair, Alberto Sa Vinhas)

WC4.1 The Micro-Foundations of Value Creation in B2B Relationships: The Role of Cross-Understanding (Jon Bingen Sande, Kenneth H. Wathne and Mrinal Ghosh)

WC4.2 Annual Agreements Between Manufacturers and Retailers in a Multichannel Context:  Development and Evaluation of a Decision Support System (Markus Bergmeier and Dirk Totzek)

WC4.3 Distribution Function Allocation Within B2B Distribution Channels to Deliver Customer Value:  The Distributor’s Perspective (Alberto Sa Vinhas)

WD1 (SS4) – B2B Buying Behavior, Panel Discussion (Session Chair, Murali Mantrala) Abstract not available.

WD2 (SS6) – Value Creation in Inter-Firm Relationships (Session Chair, Alok Saboo) Abstract not available.

WD2.1 Analyzing Customer Profitability for New Products in B2B Markets (Ashish Sood and V. Kumar)

WD2.2 Combining Buyer-Seller Interfirm Network and Seller Within Firm Network to Drive Key Account Profitability in Business Markets (Aditya Gupta, Rajdeep Grewal, Gary Lilien, and Alok Kumar)

WD2.3 Paywalls:  Monetizing Online Media (Adithya Pattabhiramiaiah, S. Sriram, and Puneet Manchanda)

WD2.4 Resource Overlap and Acquisition Performance:  An Empirical Investigation (Amlesh Sharma, Alok Saboo, V. Kumar, and Anindita Chakravarty)

WD3 (GN-04) – B2B Solutions (Session Chair, R. Dale Wilson)

WD3.1 Service Orientation and New Product Development in Manufacturing Firms:  The Moderation of Strategic Flexibility (Dong Liu, Wenhong Zhang, and Yapu Zhao)

WD3.2 Solution Business Readiness:  How to Secure that Solutions Do Not Become Problems (Michael Kleinaltenkamp, Suvi Nenonen, Kaj Storbacka, and Sascha Raithel)

WD3.3 Developing a Marketing Analytics Approach for Generating Customer Insight, CRM Strategies, and Sales Growth Campaigns in B2B Markets (R. Dale Wilson and Debra S. Silverman)

WD4 (GN-10) – Salesforce 1 (Session Chair, Andrew Crecelius)

WD4.1 Do Salespeople Add Value In An Online World?  Financial Implications of Multichannel Business Customers (Justin Lawrence, Andrew Crecelius, Ashutosh Patil and Lisa Scheer)

WD4.2 The Five Steps of the Salesperson in Co-creating Value (Benoit Bourguignon and Harold Boeck)

WD4.3 The Impact of External Network Resources on Sales Prospecting Effectiveness (Srinath Gopalakrishna, and Andrew Crecelius)

Thursday, August 4:

TA1 (SS7) – Emergent Topics in Inter-Firm B2B Relationships Research (Session Chairs, Aric Rindfleisch and Argha Sen)

TA1.1 Referring Competitors:  Which Supplier Should a Customer Ask for a Competitor Referral?  (Mahima Hada, Gary Lilien, and Arnaud De Bruyn)

TA1.2 The Impact of User Contributions on NPD Success in a Crowdsourcing Community (Matthew O’Hern, Billur Akdeniz, and Shuili Du)

TA1.3 Effect of Improvisation on Performance Outcomes for Firms in B2B Alliances (Argha Sen, Aric Rindfleisch, and Alok Kumar)

TA2 (SS11) – B2B Services Sourcing and Strategy (Session Chair,Chen Zhou)

TA2.1 Services Sourcing Emphasis and Hospital Performance  (Sachin B. Modi, Saurabh Mishra, and Peter A. Salzarulo)

TA2.2 The Strategic Use of Early Bird Discounts for Dealers (Desmond Lo and Stephen Salant)

TA2.3 The Impact of Product Recommendation Technology on Customer Behavior:  Evidence from Field Research (Joon Ho Lim, Rishika Rishika, Ramkumar Janakiraman, and Subodha Kumar)

TA2.4 Returns to Service Quality in Partnered Hybrid Offerings (Rafael Becerril Arreola, Chen Zhou, Raji Srinivasan, and Daniel Seldin)

TA3 (GN-02) -  Interfirm Relationships 2 (Session Chair, Jody Crosno)

TA3.1 Supplier-Customer Relationships:  A Portfolio Analysis of Asymmetry (Sylvie Lacoste)

TA3.2 Beyond Words:  The Impact of Firms’ Customer-and Dealer-Targeted Communications on Product Recall Efficacy (Vivek Astvansh and Kersi D. Antia)

TA3.3 Is It The Trust-Commitment Theory of Relationship Marketing or The Commitment-Trust Theory of Relationship Marketing? (James R. Brown, Jody L. Crosno, and Pui Ying Tong)

TA4 (GN-05) – B2B Buying (Session Chair, Waldemar Pfortsch)

TA4.1 Understanding the Effect of Social Networking Sites (SNS) on Buying Center in Business-to-Business Context (Priyavrat Sanyal and Bipul Kumar)

TA4.2 Country-of-Origin Effects in Industrial Goods Markets:  Do Country-of-Origin Image Effects Differ for Different Buying Center Members? (Michael Reichert and Claudia Fantapie Altobelli)

TA4.3 Brand Performance and B2B Buying Behavior:  The Impact of Customer Satisfaction, Brand Feelings, and Brand Attachment on B2B Buying Behavior (Waldemor Pfoertsch and Aaron Leander HauBmann)

TB1 (SS5) – The Impact of Online, Peer-to-Peer Professional Reviews on B2B Buying Behavior (Session Chair, James A. Narus and Michelle D. Steward)

  • Findings from a Series of Field Experiments Testing the Interaction Effects of Stage, Source, and Valence of Online Reviews on B2B Buying Behavior (James A. Narus and Michelle D. Steward)
  • How Millennials are Changing the B2B Buying Process (Michael Otis, Supply Manager, Rubicon Global
  • VendOp:  The Online Review & Ratings Site for B2B Professionals (Andy Kohm, CEO, VendOp)
  • Building Online Professional Communities for B2B Marketing & Purchasing Applications (Rich Blank, Account Representative, JIVE Software

TB2 (SS3) – Multinational Corporations (MNC) in Marketing Research (Session Chair, Alok Kumar)

TB2.1 Building New Product Advantage Across Markets Through Customer Participation:  The Role of Cross-Country Collaboration Within Multinationals (David A. Griffith and Hannah S. Lee)

TB2.2 International Marketing Strategy Fit:  Antecedents, Outcomes, and Boundary Conditions (Magnus Hultmann, Constantine S. Katsikeas and Neil Morgan)

TB2.3 Marketing Channel Management in Foreign Markets:  Integrative Framework for Multinational Corporations (Rajdeep Grewal, Amit Saini, Alok Kumar, F. Robert Dwyer, and Robert Dahlstrom)

TB3 (GN-03) – Interfirm Relationships 3 (Session Chair, Sourav Ray)

TB3.1 The Importance of Firms’ Interaction Capability for Firm-Customer Relationship Effectiveness:  A Key Account Management Perspective (Nina Stuebiger and Alexander Haas)

TB3.2 Effect of Customer-Centric Structure on Alliance Value Creation and Appropriation (Ju-Yeon Lee and Robert W. Palmatier)

TB3.3 Disputes and Monitoring in the IOT Age:  Implications for Contracts and Performance in Multi-Component Systems Industries (Saeed Shekari and Sourav Ray)

TB4 (GN-09) – Channels 2 (Session Chair, Moeen Butt)

TB4.1 Ex-Ante Voluntary Information Disclosures in Business Markets:  Evidence from Franchising (Farhad Sadeh and Manish Kacker)

TB4.2 Marketing Channel Structure and Shareholder Value (Manish Kacker, Saurabh Mishra, and Anna Sadovnikova)

TB4.3 Proximity, Governance, and Individual Outlet Sales:  A Multi-Year Analysis of an Evolving Franchise System (Moeen Butt, Kersi Antia, Brian Murtha, and Vishal Kashyap)

TC1 (SS9) – New Topics in B2B Innovation to Enhance Business Growth (Session Chair, Desmond Lo & Qiong Wang)

TC1.1 The Case for Franchise Encroachment (Tongil “TI” Kim and Sandy Jap)

TC1.2 The Role of Coordination and Economic Rent in Distribution Channels (Desmond (Ho-Fu) Lo and Mrinal Ghosh)

TC1.3 Opportunism in Business Groups:  A Tale of Hyrid Inter-Firm Governance (Qiong Wang, William T. Ross Jr. and Juan Julie Li)

TC2 (SS10) – Firm Performance Impact of B2B Services and Customer Solutions (Session Chair, Stefan Worm)

TC2.1 When and Why Do Customer Solutions Pay Off In Business Markets? (Stefan Worm, Wolfgang Ulaga, Sundar Bharadwaj, and Werner Reinartz)

TC2.2 Stategic Value of Solution Business Initiatives (Marcus Zimmer, Anna Salonen, and Florian von Wangenheim)

TC2.3 Impact of New Service Introduction on B2B Manufacturers’ Firm Value (Mehdi Nezami, Stefan Worm, and Robert Palmatier)

TC2.4 Mastering Solution Sales in Business Markets:  The Key Role of Salespersons’ Solution Crafting Competence (Eva Bohm, Andreas Eggert, Harri Terho, Wolfgang Ulaga, and Alexander Haas)

TC3 (GN-11) – Sales Force 2 (Session Chair, Desiree Jost)

TC3.1 Compensation Mechanism for Coordinating Inside and Outside Sales Forces (Yeji Lim and Murali K. Mantrala)

TC3.2 Firm Competition for Sales Force Owned Customer Loyalty (Somnath Banerjee and Axel Stock)

TC3.3 Why Salesperson Customer Orientation Does Not Consistently Increase Performance:  A Framework (Desiree Jost and Alexander Haas)

TD1 (GN-07) - Innovation (Session Chair, Johanna Slot)

TD1.1 Market Disruption:  Launching Radical Innovations into Business Markets (Thomas Ritter)

TD1.2 Ties that Blind:  Managing Customer Relationships for Innovation Performance (Ashish Sharma, Sundar Bharadwaj, and Kapil Tuli)

TD1.3 The Effect of Customer Participation in Outsourced NPD On NPD Project Performance:  The Role of Relationship Multiplexity (Johanna H. Slot, Stefan Wuyts, and Inge Geyskens)

TD2 (SS8) – Leveraging Big Data & Analytics for Service Innovation and Growth:  Promising Research Avenues Grounded in Managerial Practice (Session Chair, Wolfgang Ulaga)

  • Jagannath Rao, President, Customer Services Business Unit, Siemens, Inc.; Board Member, Center for Services Leadership, Arizona State University
  • Wesley J. Johnston, CBIM RoundTable Professor of Marketing and Executive Director, Center for Business and Industrial Marketing (CBIM), Georgia State University
  • Gary L. Lilien, Distinguished Research Professor of Management Science, Pennsylvania State University, Smeal College of Business; Research Director, Institute for the Study of Business Markets
  • Wolfgang Ulaga, Research Professor & Co-Executive Director, Center for Services Leadership (CSL), Arizona State University, W.P. Carey School of Business

TD 3 (GN-12) – B2B Interfirm Relationships (Session Chair, Linda Hui Shi)

TD3.1 The Antecedents and Consequences of Retailer Support in a Strategic Marketing Channel Change (Farnoush Reshadi, James R. Brown, and Robert F. Lusch)

TD3.2 Managing the Transition to Complex Hybrid Offerings:  The Differences of Successful Salesperson Opportunity Recognition (Stephan Volpers and Alexander Haas)

TD3.3 Cultivating Boundary Spanning Global Account Management Organizational Units and Individuals  (Linda Hui Shi, Yanling (Linda) Liu, Jing Song, and Shaoming Zou)

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