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Marketing Curriculum

The Institute has categorized our curriculum to help marketing excellence leaders map a training path for individual marketers and teams of marketers based on the roles and responsibilities of their specific functional area. 

Core Courses

To achieve success in driving profitable growth, B2B marketers need a base line of foundational skills and capabilities.  These courses are designed to provide the backbone of a marketer’s professional profile. View Core Courses

Elective Courses

Building on the foundational courses, the electives further develop skills in areas of business marketing that require a deeper knowledge of B2B marketing and prepare marketers to take on more strategic planning roles within the firm. View Elective Courses

Specialist Courses

Specialist courses are designed to train a subset of marketers with roles that require them to focus on a very specific, highly specialized area of B2B marketing. These marketers typically provide support to multiple businesses and teams across the firm. View Specialist Courses

Immersion Course

These seminars or “Boot Camps”  are the “Gold Standard’ in delivering the highest quality B2B marketing strategy training designed to drive profitable growth. Incorporating the most advanced  concepts, tools and techniques in business marketing, these week long, project and intact team based programs are targeted  for senior marketers and executives. Fully customized and delivered by a carefully selected team of Institute faculty, these action-coaching seminars will result in each team having a “go to market”  plan that is ready for implementation. Immersion courses can be designed to include 6 Sigma content based on the needs of the firm. View Immersion Course

Advanced Marketing Strategy Series

The Concept:  The Institute’s Advanced Marketing Strategy Series is designed for business-to-business firms around themes of recurring importance to their growth.  Each Workshop in this series is designed around two closely-linked deliverables:

  • Research-based best practice insights, processes, and tools that can be learned and applied within the firm related to the Workshop topic.  Workshop participants will learn new skills and competencies, and the sponsoring firm will be able to institutionalize what was taught at the Workshop for ongoing use.
  • Hands-on work, guided by the Workshop leader and using the concepts taught within the Workshop, on a real challenge facing the firm.  The Workshop will yield a concrete, action-oriented recommendation and implementation plan related to the challenge addressed by the Workshop and its participants.

View Advanced Marketing Strategy Courses

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