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Interest Groups

ISBM Interest Groups are small consortia meetings (15-30 participants) of B2B professionals focused on a specific area of the practice of B2B Marketing.

Consortia provide direct access to state-of-the-art practice coming from the field, and enable participants to build important networks of personal and professional relationships, and with professionals sharing the same practice, problems, and challenges. The tone is informal, and the emphasis is on networking, developing practical knowledge, cases, benchmarks, and examples.

Agendas usually include round-table discussion, where each participant is asked to describe:

  • Their firm and their practice
  • What's going on, what's new, what's hot, what's working
  • Key issues, problems, or obstacles they're facing
  • Key opportunities they're seeing
  • News and insights for the group
  • Questions, straw polls

Interest Groups also feature:

  • "Deep dish" case histories from member firms: drilling into their practice, lessons learned, what's worked, what hasn't, etc.
  • Presentations from world-leading thinkers, researchers, or analysts. Trends, new tools and techniques-research insights, studies underway, etc.

The ISBM will be working to grow the impact of these Interest Groups, through stronger connections with the research of key scholars in their focus areas in institutions around the world.

We will work to make these meetings provide forward-looking future state-of-the-art tools and techniques to members – ahead of "the pack" – by connecting participants directly to state-of-the-art research. These consortia will grow to include  working sessions in "Business Interest Groups"  where researchers work together directly with practitioners in shaping forward-looking research streams.

Business Market Brand Consortium
Brands can be critically important in business markets, but are often poorly understood inside business-to-business marketing firms. The ISBM Business Market Brand Consortium focuses on management, valuation, and better understanding of the role of brands in business-to-business marketing. Participants include corporate brand and large product category brand managers from business-to-business firms. Discussions focus on the management of brands during times of merger and acquisition, brand valuation in business markets, ingredient branding, branding strategy through channels, etc.

B-to-B Marketing Educators Consortium
Twice each year, in conjunction with ISBM member meetings, we convene a community of professionals responsible for building business marketing competency for their firms. We work with Consortium members to identify new development resources, skills assessment tools, and methods to better equip their firms on their marketing "journey", building toward profitable organic growth.
Meetings usually include a case from a member firm sharing the tools they've used, progress, issues, and suggestions to other members on how to better advance marketing process, competency, and effectiveness. World thought leaders, educators, and providers, are featured at these meetings.

ISBM CMO Roundtable
A unique forum for chief marketing officers – only from business-to-business firms. The role of the chief marketing officer in a business-to-business firm, is quite different – more demanding, more focused on change management, driving changes in culture – than are seen in a business- to-consumer firm. This small group meets once or twice annually, to discuss the unique facets of leading the marketing process, culture, and competency in business-to-business and industrial firms.

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