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Curriculum Overview

Your team will have the opportunity to actively apply the proven tools, techniques, templates and best practices that are essential to drive profitable organic growth. 
By imbedding frameworks for thinking and practical application, we help firms capture profitable and measurable growth through effective and efficient marketing and sales. Our preferred teaching approach involves conducting classes assembled from real functional working teams (including sales), each focused on a real project. The teams and projects are vetted in advance, with templates provided to gather the information they need to bring the projects to class.

Having the right people, in the right places, doing the right things goes well beyond the classroom. 
In addition to world class training and coaching, the Institute offers a broad range of professional development, resources and planning tools to help B2B firms develop a marketing excellence culture. Marketing organizational structure and dynamics, competency modeling, assessments, benchmarking and more are included in our “Marketing Journey” toolkit.

It’s not just about having the right marketing talent… 
Business marketing practice is essentially the management of a marketing process for understanding, creating and profitably delivering value; value with measurable impact. As feasible, our approach is designed to track and measure progress following what are generally known as “Kirkpatrick’s Four Levels” of evaluation:

  • Level 1: Comprehensive Evaluation Surveys are included with all Institute courses, with time after each course for a gathering of anecdotal data, and improvement of the course with each round of delivery;
  • Level 2: Depending on member’s needs and affordability, we conduct periodic conference calls and/or webinars with students after the course, to track the level of learning, and the degree of utilization;
  • Level 3: Through this follow-up, we’re also able to track evidence of behavioral change;
  • Level 4: When we’re able to work with real working teams, on real working projects – our preferred approach--we can track to business results.

How and when the marketing process links with other corporate processes is vital. 
The Institute developed the Value Delivery Framework as a proven foundation for managing the entire product/solution life cycle. All ISBM courses and tools are logically mapped to the steps of this framework.

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