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ISBM PhD Seminar Series (IPSS)


The objective of the ISBM PhD Seminar Series (IPSS) is to provide a range of short, PhD level seminars in Business-to-Business (B2B) Marketing. These seminars, delivered electronically by some of the world's leading scholars, provide access to leading developments and methods necessary to doctoral students worldwide who are considering research careers in B2B Marketing.

IPSS offers electronic participation in substantive and methodological courses essential for PhD students with research interests in business markets. Substantive topics include theory development in business markets, sales management, marketing channel management, and new product development and marketing, among others. Methodological topics include qualitative research methods, social network analysis, and structural equation modeling, among others. Courses are repeated in a 2 - 3 year cycle.

Admission Procedure, Participation and Requirements

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Course Offerings for Spring 2016

Metrics and Statistical Models in B2B Customer Relationship Management (CRM)

J. Andrew Petersen, Associate Professor of Marketing, Penn State and
Rajkumar Venkatesan, Bank of America Research Professor, University of Virginia

The main objective of this course is to serve as a guide to the metrics and models in the CRM literature. We will do this by first identifying a way to measure the net present value of a customer to the firm, Customer Lifetime Value (CLV), and a set of metrics by which customers can be managed. Then, we will follow the lifetime of a customer with the firm by analyzing empirical models that allow us to better understand how managers can improve at each stage of the customer’s relationship with the firm: acquisition, retention, growth, churn, and win-back. Finally, we will discuss how to implement CRM models with firms and to design and implement field experiments with firms to enhance the contribution of research.

Complete Metrics & Statistical Models Course Description & Start Dates

Relationship Marketing Theory & Research

Lisa K. Scheer, Professor of Marketing, University of Missouri and
Robert W. Palmatier, Professor of Marketing, University of Washington

This course is designed to provide a foundation for doctoral students interested in examining relationship marketing from both a theoretical and a practical research implementation perspective. It will identify, review and critique a variety of topics in order to:

  • understand relationship marketing theories, research streams, and research methods;
  • become more sophisticated consumers of relationship marketing research; and
  • be better prepared to conceptualize, design and implement your own research ideas.

Complete Relationship Marketing Course Description & Start Dates

Course Offerings for Fall 2016

Distribution Channel Relationships

Kersi Antia, Associate Professor of Marketing, Western University

This seminar is designed to provide an introduction to the area of distribution channel relationships. As such, it will identify, review, evaluate and critique a variety of topics in the field of channel relationships. The major objectives are to help you (1) understand the methods and perspectives employed in the area, (2) become a more sophisticated consumer of channels research, and (3) identify areas for future research activity.

Complete Channels Course Description & Start Dates

Personal Selling and Sales Management

Shankar Ganesan, Professor of Business, University of Notre Dame and
Murali Mantrala, Professor of Marketing, University of Missouri

This seminar will focus on academic research related to improving sales force performance. The objectives of this course are to:  (A) increase students' understanding of the role, importance and process of personal selling in different marketing situations; (B) enhance students' knowledge of diverse problems and questions that arise in developing and implementing a firm's sales strategy within the context of its overall go-to-market/channels strategy; (C) expose students to variety of approaches including behavioral and economic models, surveys and lab/field experiments useful for investigating problems in sales management.

Complete Channels Course Description & Start Dates

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