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Why Join?

Be a Part of the Largest B2B Global Network

With ISBM membership, your firm will have access to the largest network of business-to-business marketing professionals, educators, and researchers of its kind in the world, as well as the best tools and know-how available.  The ISBM connects with marketing professionals from a broad spectrum of firms and leading, practical academic researchers spanning the business marketing practice.

Value Impact of ISBM Membership

  • Higher profitability through better value demonstration, documentation, and pricing
  • Organic growth driven by new tools to deliver new offerings to the market faster
  • Higher ROI on Marketing Investments and focused resource allocation
  • Connect to B-to-B researchers, thought leaders, marketing professionals, and special interest communities across the globe

Leading-Edge Consultation and Research

Fast access to the results of ISBM-supported research shaping the practice of business marketing. The ISBM Business Marketing Doctoral Support Awards identify and nurture the best new, innovative, and practical thinkers in business-to-business. In addition, the ISBM supports over 70 business research projects at universities throughout the world.

  • Direct line to our ISBM Directors for inquiry and problem solving
  • Custom advice and counsel from our ISBM Fellows, thought leaders in specific business marketing topics from universities around the globe
  • Members Only access to our extensive library of webinars and B-to-B Marketing resources
  • Exclusive access to research publications and results

Education and Professional Development:  ISBM Training

Taught by the best, from all over the world. Each instructor brings real-world experience in a firm, as well as leading-edge thinking to each course. (One member could point to a $30M profit impact from our Value and Pricing Strategy course alone!)

  • The largest suite of business-to-business marketing professional development courses in the world
  • Custom assessments and analysis of B-to-B marketing skills and attitudes
  • B-to-B marketing process audits
  • B-to-B curriculum development – from hour long webinars to a full immersion “Boot Camps”

ISBM Communities Deliver Business Value

Members have told us that insights from ISBM consortia—by themselves—have resulted in remarkable business and profit improvements! These communities of practice "drill down" into today's challenges and tomorrow's trends to enable more effective and profitable business marketing.

Our meetings are designed to allow you to apply research and case content to issues from your own organization. Meeting attendees tell us that interacting with other B2B marketing professionals is also a “very, very valuable use of time” and others have said the exposure to new thinking has been “inspiring.”

  • Two B-to-B Marketing topic-focused ISBM Members Meetings per year
  • Special interest consortia: Marketing Educators, Innovation Symposium, B-to-B Brand Strategy, CMO Roundtable
  • Facilitated connections with ISBM Member firms for benchmarking and problem solving

Member Services

As a member, your firm will have exclusive access to services provided by a cadre of stellar MBA students, Distinguished Research Fellows, and marketing professionals, as well as special pricing on assessments and diagnostics through many our Partners.

  • Rapid response to your questions and fast access to our resources
  • Coaching, Benchmarking, Advice, Counsel
  • Skill, Process, and Program Assessments
  • MBA In Practice Program
Academic Membership

Academics and researchers affiliated with an accredited academic university can create an account for our "For Members" section by using your .edu email address.

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